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Is the rock chip/crack repair really free?

Yes! If you have comprehensive insurance, we will repair your current windshield for free. No deductible, no claim penalties, no cost to you. If no insurance, we'll give a very affordable quote.

Will you come to my location?

Yes! Siri Auto Glass provides mobile service. We'll come to wherever you're located in Stafford - your home, office etc.

What if I need an entire windshield/auto glass replacement?

No problem! We do that very affordably too. For lowest prices on new windshields, door glass, moon roofs etc, click here

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We'll come to wherever you're located in Stafford!

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Where are you located?

We're located one block west of Veterans Memorial / Stuebner Airlines Dr on FM1960.

Our address - 4714 FM 1960 W, Suite# 112, Houston TX 77069.

Will my insurance company waive my deductible? Will my rates stay the same?

Yes. Because of the large cost of new windshields, most insurance companies will waive your deductible if you get your windshield repaired instead of replaced. On top of this, virtually all insurers consider windshield repair to be a no-fault claim, which means your policy rates won't be affected! Give us a call and we'll handle everything.

What if I don't have or don't want to go through insurance?

Don't worry, we'll give you a very affordable quote. And we also accept credit cards, checks and cash.

Is Siri Auto Glass a reliable and reputable company?

1. Experienced- doing top-notch windshield repairs for over 5 years

2. Certified- all our windshield repair technicians, including the President of the company, have been certified by the National Windshield Repair Association.

3. Preferred Provider - with most insurance companies

4. Resin- we have developed our own special blend of resin that actually seals and permanently fixes the cracks. This resin is a proprietary product of our company and is not available to anyone else.

5. Satisfaction Guaranteed :)

Why fix a chip if it's small or hasn't spread yet?

The longer you delay in fixing the chip, the higher the possibility of the damage area spreading. Damage can spread from bumps in the road, temperature changes (hot/cold) or wind stress on your windshield. Eventually, these un-repaired rock chips will "crack-out" all the way across and require you to replace your windshield, which is far more expensive. - It is a lot cheaper to repair them before this happens.

Windshield repair also tends to look seamless when done as soon as possible after damage occurs. Otherwise, rain, dust and road grime will contaminate the damage over time thus inhibiting the best cosmetic results and may even cause further spreading of the damaged area.

Should small surface chips and pits be repaired?

Even a pin head size surface imperfection on a windshield has the potential to get worse. In particular, if the windshield damage has a shadow, or black or silver discoloration around the impact point, it could "crack out" if not repaired. Pits and surface chips are the beginning of potential further damage. Visible damage should be taken care of with windshield repair ASAP.

Should I contact my agent or insurance company?

At Siri Auto Glass, we're experts at verifying coverage, filing the claim and handling all the paperwork. We'll contact your insurance company and submit the claim for the windshield repair on your behalf, hassle free. Or if you prefer, you can also pay our repair technician directly and file the claim personally.

What zipcodes in Tomball do you serve?

We provide mobile service to all of these zip codes: 77375, 77377

Windshield Repair Stafford TX

Windshield is the front window in all types of vehicles including car, bus, motorbikes, aircrafts and trams. The main use of the windshield is to provide protection the occupants of the vehicle from wind and flying debris such as sand, rock, insects etc. Apart from this the windshield is aerodynamically designed to reduce the drag caused by the wind. They also provide structural shield for the roofs of the automobiles.

One of the biggest driving hazards is the development of crack or a chip in the windshield as it adversely affects visibility. In the earlier times windshields were made of ordinary glass windows which resulted in grave injuries to the occupants of the vehicle if it got shattered. Concerned by the injuries the car manufacturers developed windshields made of hardened glass. This glass got shattered into harmless pieces in case the windshield broke but even a small stone chip could shatter the glass. Modern day windshields are made up of treated glass called laminated safety glasses. It consists of two layers of glasses with a laminated sheet between them to ensure that they are held together if the glass gets shattered.

Windshield Crack Repair Stafford TX

Accidents – Minor and major accidents can lead to windshield being damaged. The damage could be minor where there would be a small crack or chip while if the damage is severe the windshield would get shattered completely.

Flying debris –One of the most major causes of cracks or chips in the windshield is the flying debris such as rocks, gravels and stones. The debris can be kicked up by a vehicle either in front or vehicle from across the lane. Usually the crack would be obvious but at times the cracks could be microscopic making it difficult to detect.

Extreme cold or heat – Extreme cold leads to contraction of glass while extreme heat leads to expansion of glass. Thus if the outside temperature is very low while the inside temperature is high the outer layer would contract while the inner layer would expand leading to cracks developing. On the other side of the coin of the outside temperature is very hot the outside layer of glass would expand while the cooler interior will make the inner layer of glass would contract. Therefore it is advisable to use heaters or the air conditioner judiciously.

Structural Weakness – This is the major cause of windshield cracks. During the manufacturing process a weak spot develops near the edges which could lead to cracks. The most vulnerable part of the windscreen is about 3 inches from the edges. The reason behind the same is that the glass is made up of particles and not of liquid. At the edges there is no glass so the particles do not get a good grip. Moreover there is mechanical stress when the two glasses are pressed against the interior plastic liner leading to the areas around the edge becoming weak. As the edges of the windshield are bound to the galley they are exposed to the stress more. The middle area which is larger can flex and absorb the shock whereas the edge has to bear the first and heaviest stress.

Hailstorm – A hailstorm can also lead to cracks or chips to develop on the windshield. In fact if the hailstorm is severe it could lead to numerous holes and at time even holes to develop rendering you with no option but to have it replaced.

Apart for these reasons vandalism and hooliganism can lead to the windshield being damaged. Perils of windshield damage – Windshield damage is hazardous and compromises the security of not only the occupants of the vehicle but also other commuters. A crack or chip on the windshield hampers the visibility and could result in accidents. It would be foolhardy to ignore even a minor crack or chip because it weakens the windshield and it may break into fragments even on a small bump. It is for this reason that many states have laws that prohibit driving with damaged windshields. In Texas there is no prohibition on driving with a damaged windshield if the same does not obscure the driver's vision although it depends upon the troopers' judgement whether the crack is obscuring the vision.

Windshield Chip Repair Stafford TX

The best solution if the windshield is cracked is to either get it replaced or repaired. If the crack is less than 12 inches or the chip is less than a quarter it could be repaired else it would be advisable to get the same replaced.

If it is not possible for the windshield to be repaired immediately one should take certain precautions to ensure that the cracks do not widen further and hamper visibility.

One should put a tape across the crack or chip. It is essential to do this because the accumulation of dirt in the crack could not only widen it but also make the repair difficult. Care should be taken that the tape does not affect the visibility. If one has to drive with a chip or crack it should be insured that the same is not affecting the visibility. It would also be advisable not to wash the car till the car has been repaired as accumulation of moisture also widens the cracks.

In case there is a crack on the windshield one should also take care that the doors are not slammed to ensure putting less pressure on the crack and preventing it from widening further. Park the car in shade because heat built up in the car weakens the windshield causing the cracks to grow. Extremes in temperature widen the crack further. To prevent this one should not use the air conditioner or the defroster at full blast. One should ensure that the windshield is repaired or replace by an installer who is registered with AGRSS and the technicians are National glass Association trained. If the chip is more than a quarter or the crack is more than 12 inches, it is advisable not to drive the car. It is also recommended to get the windshield replaced instead of getting it repaired.

Stafford TX Windshield Repair

In the past if your windshield developed a crack or chip the only solution was to get it replaced but modern technology helps you to get it repaired thus being cost effective. If you are looking for windshield repair Stafford TX you have a large number of vendors who are providing this service. The windshield crack repair Stafford TX mechanic would examine the extent and the place of the crack. If the crack is near the edge of the windshield, it is likely that it would spread very fast so in most cases it would have to be replaced. Windshield crack repair Stafford TX professionals advise that the crack be repaired immediately as dust gathering on the damaged area it would adversely affect the effectiveness and clarity of the repair. If the crack is very small epoxy is filled in the crack. Though such a crack would be visible epoxy would ensure that the crack does not spread further.

‘A stitch in time saves nine'. This age old proverb is apt for windshield damage. If the windshield is damaged on should immediately call a windshield repair Stafford TX specialist at the earliest as that could be the difference between an exorbitant bill and a reasonable bill. The windshield chip repair Stafford TX expert could provide you a cheap and effective solution as a chip of less than a quarter could be easily be repaired while a delay could mean that the chip may get deeper and there would be no option but to replace the windshield. The windshield chip repair Stafford TX mechanic would inject a resin or epoxy in the chip that would ensure that the chip does not deepen further or develops into a crack.

Once a crack or chip develops on the windscreen one should get in touch with a windshield repair Stafford TX specialist who would examine whether the windshield could be repaired. If the windshield repair Stafford professional determines that the windshield could be repaired he would inject a special resin in the crack using a special tool which gets directly attached to the glass. After the injection the resin is cured and polished so that the clarity and strength of the glass in restored. Usually the chip or the crack spreads to the sandwiched layer of plastic so in some cases the windshield repair Stafford mechanic may use a drill to make a passage for the resin to be injected directly to the plastic to repair the damage. The whole process surprisingly is not time consuming and usually takes an hour or even less. There are several Stafford TX windshield repair companies who offer to complete the repair process at one's office or home giving you the luxury of doing your work or relax while the windshield is being repaired.

Cost And Insurance

Windshield repair is much cheaper than replacement. A windshield replacement could cost anything from $ 300 to $ 1,300 while the repairing a single repair chip would cost $ 40 – 50 for the first chip and $ 10 each for additional chips. However if the crack is longer it may require special treatment yet the cost of repairing would be considerably lower than replacement. Though the cost of repairing is much lower one should not get lured by this and should get the windshield replaced if recommended by windshield repair Stafford TX expert.

Most auto insurance policies cover windshields but the coverage is entirely different in cases of replacement and repairs. As the replacement is 4 to 10 times higher than the repairs one would be asked to pay the deductible while they would pay for the complete replacement. In case of repairs some insurance companies pay for the entire repair after waiving off the deductible. This is a win-win situation for both the client and the company. The client gets the repair free of cost while the insurance companies have to pay much lesser amount.

One can find the list of Stafford TX windshield repair experts in the Yellow pages or browse for them on the internet. The most prudent step would be to contact one such expert to get on the job at the earliest and have peace of mind. The expert can visit at the location and give replacement or repair options. This will reduce the worsening of the damage to the wind shield